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Training still continues in the two arts taught within the Dojo, Toyama Ryu swordsmanship and traditional Jujutsu. Beginners are welcome.


The Dojo can be found at Marston St Lawrence village hall.

It is open on Sunday mornings from 10am.

Further classes are scheduled on a flexible basis. Please contact Mr Spencer-Hicks using the details above if you are interested in additional classes.


The Dojo teaches Toyama Ryu. New website currently under development.


The Kenzen school of Jujutsu is an art that traces it linage back to Hakko Ryu through a number of schools of Jujutsu.

The art begins in Shodan Gi through the progressive steps of Nidan, Sandan, Yondan and the next levels of Shihan and Kaiden. There are some additions beyond these which are included in the Gaiden sections, these are collections of things thought worthy but remain outside of the core teachings. A common occurrence in some other schools. The techniques allow an understanding of a set of principles which students use to apply in a meaningful way in today’s world.

The techniques taught within the core include:

  • Atemi waza – striking techniques
  • Kansetsu waza – joint locking techniques
  • Osae waza – control techniques
  • Nage waza – throwing techniques
  • Shime waza – strangulation techniques

The body mechanics from Jujutsu compliments the sword art studied and vise versa.

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