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The dojo provides instruction in the traditional Japanese Martial Arts of Jujutsu and sword drawing – Iaido. The catchment area covers South Northamptonshire and North Oxfordshire.

There are still some spaces left if you would like to study the Japanese Martial Arts. Interested or looking for something to engage you then this study may very well be for you. Please come along and watch, speak to some of the students. This is of course with no obligation or expectation.

The Kenzenkai was founded in 2015 by Mr Spencer-Hicks in Northamptonshire UK. It is a small traditional dojo. 

The name KENZENKAI was given to the school by Atsushi Shimojo sensei The name has a number of meanings when you read the Japanese characters. A reading of the characters which has been chosen is ‘Samurai Spirit’. A tenant that Shimojo sensei stresses – correct attitude/spirit.

 Mr Spencer-Hicks is a direct student ‘Jikideshi’ of Shimojo sensei Soke of Dai Nippon Toyama Ryu Iaido. 

The teacher is DBS checked and insured.

What is taught

At the Kenzenkai we are dedicated to the study of Budo (Martial ways). Though this study using the medium of the martial arts we strive to set good examples that enrich the student personally and extends out into their lives and community.

The Arts studied are as follows:

  • The Japanese sword as taught by Shimojo sensei Soke of Dai Nippon Toyama Ryu Iaido.
  • Traditional Japanese Jujutsu – Kenzen Jujutsu.


The Dojo can be found at Marston St Lawrence village hall. It is open on Sunday mornings from 10am. Further classes are scheduled on a flexible basis. Please contact Mr Spencer-Hicks using the details above if you are interested in additional classes.


The Kenzen Dojo teaches the Japanese sword arts taught to Mr Spencer-Hicks by Atsushi Shimojo Sensei, Soke of Dai Nippon Toyama Ryu Iaido.

Shimojo Sensei was a Jikideshi ‘direct personal student’ of Morinaga Kyoshi one of the three recognised heads of a descendent school from Toyama Ryu the others being Mr Yamaguchi and Mr Nakamura. Mr Spencer-Hicks is also a Jikideshi of Shimojo Sensei.

The curriculum of the swords arts taught is set by the direct instruction passed onto Mr Spencer-Hicks by Shimojo Sensei. The syllabus includes Morinaga Ha (Kiso Iai, Happo Nuki, Hon Iai) and Yamaguchi Ha (Kiso Iai, Yamaguchi Oku, Kodachi).


The Kenzen school of Jujutsu is an art that traces it linage back to Hakko Ryu through a number of schools of Jujutsu.

The art begins in Shodan Gi through the progressive steps of Nidan, Sandan, Yondan and the next levels of Shihan and Kaiden. There are some additions beyond these which are included in the Gaiden sections, these are collections of things thought worthy but remain outside of the core teachings. A common occurrence in some other schools. The techniques allow an understanding of a set of principles which students use to apply in a meaningful way in today’s world.

The techniques taught within the core include:

  • Atemi waza – striking techniques
  • Kansetsu waza – joint locking techniques
  • Osae waza – control techniques
  • Nage waza – throwing techniques
  • Shime waza – strangulation techniques

The body mechanics from Jujutsu compliments the sword art studied and vise versa.

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